DIY – Gold Wire Baskets

January 22, 2016 in DIY

In my attempt to get organized I’ve made these simple inexpensive wire baskets! I think they look awesome in my gold and white bedroom and are perfect for storing my makeup, nail products and whatever loose products I don’t want flying around.

What you’ll need:

sheet of grid wire
wire cutters
gold spray paint
measuring tape/ruler

I purchased a sheet of grid wire 100X40 cm and was able to make three medium sized baskets. In the second picture above, you can see the shape that I cut the sheet of wire. You can adjust the shape to make a larger or smaller, square or rectangle basket.

What to do:

1. Cut out a rectangle (for reference the one above is 49X40 cm)
2. Cut out four equal squares from each corner of your sheet (13X13 cm). Each square MUST have a flat side and an exposed wire side (use photo above as reference).
3. Fold/bend up each side to form the box shape.
4. Optional; fold the top edges inward (1 – 2 cm) to create a clean edge/top border to your basket.
5. To attach each side, use the exposed wire and wrap it around the corresponding flat edge. Use pliers to do this.
6. Spray paint your basket whatever colour you choose or leave silver!

Tip: use the leftover squares from all the corners to form another small basket! Just use thin wire to wrap around the seams.

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