IMG_0601Welcome to Raining Beauty! I’m Raine, a 20 year old student from Toronto currently living in Munich, and this is the first year of my blog Raining Beauty!

I’ve moved to Europe to live with my German boyfriend, Tim, whom I met in the summer of 14′ back home in Canada. I have an obsession with all forms of beauty blogging due to my love for makeup, fashion and art. So I figured I’d give it a shot myself.
As of this year I can officially and proudly say i’m vegan! I’m eating a fully plant based diet and still working on making sure I only use cruelty free products. It’s been a slow but rewarding process and I would love to share my recipes and experience with you.

I’d like to think of this as a modern life journal, I hope you enjoy the content and take part in my adventures to come!

Thanks for visiting!
– Raine –

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